About Us

131302_4845195683238_1613572492_oWhen I think about my passion for photography, the first thing that comes to mind is storytelling. My vision is to capture the bond between you and your pet through your heartfelt emotions, laughter and tears.  When that true love resonates, beauty can be captured and preserved for generations.


My name is Brenda, a Colorado pet photographer and member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America), and my love for pets stems back to my childhood.  My family raised dogs for conformation at the dog shows as well as obedience.  As I got older and moved away from home I rescued my heart dog, a yellow Labrador, who took me on an amazing journey competing in canine sports.  He was diagnosed with epilepsy and became an ambassador showing people that dogs with his condition can still lead active and healthy lives. In August 2015 he was diagnosed with rib osteosarcoma (bone cancer).  Because of the journey life has taken us on, we have been very involved in the pet community and not only understand how important our pets are to us but also how important it is to have keepsakes. For many, pets replace kids and are considered just as much a part of the family.


I have been a lover of photography for years and have been blessed to make it a profession as I love touching the lives of others. While I’ve taken photos for years I am constantly taking classes, workshops, etc. to improve my skills and secret be told … I look at my own old photos and critique them heavily.  My heart runs deep for pets and often times have found myself crying in a pet movie. We have become immersed in a digital age which always runs the risk of file corruption, natural disasters, accidental deletion, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, I love having digital photos rather than taking a roll of film to a developer, but there are some memories that need preserved to share with many generations and to invoke emotion for you when you see them on the wall. How many of you save them on your computer to never be viewed again?  I am also guilty of that.


My heart and soul goes into capturing special moments in your family’s life.  What I bring is the artistic creation of lifestyle photography which captures not only posed and candid portraits but more importantly photos that tell a story.  My style captures emotion, laughter, emotional goodbyes, silly playful moments, etc; times you’ll never get back.  I tell a story through my lens that need no words when you look at the photo and smile years later.  Before any photo session I spend the first half hour letting you and your family relax and get comfortable with my presence.  When people are relaxed they allow the camera to catch some amazing moments whether it’s with your children, pets, elders, etc.  When pets are comfortable, their personalities shine and we can capture silly expressions, their innocence or devilish side, the love and bond with their owners, and more.  Children grow up so fast and you can never get those youthful years back which is why we also have Day in the Life sessions capturing your family baking together, reading a book, playing and so much more.


Whether you want to create fine art of your family, fun photos with your pets, senior photos, engagements, or lifestyle portraits documenting your daily life activities … Paws in Motion Photography can help with your vision.  Let’s talk!  You won’t feel lost or confused because we will guide you along the way from start to finish and make the process fun yet simple.


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