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Mother’s Day Special – Colorado Photographer

Spoil mom on Mother’s Day because she deserves it!  Schedule your session today at


Southern Lights

Molly’s Photo Session – Paws in Motion Photography

Had a fantastic photo session with Molly and her fun pups in Boulder, Colorado.  To schedule a session for your pups, contact us at


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What Should I Wear For My Photo Session?


When planning your photo session there are a few things you will want to consider when deciding what to wear.


  1. You want everyone in the photo to have outfits that compliment one another.  In otherwords, choose colors in the same palette or type of pattern as to not conflict and distract.  Use colors that will pop and stand out and don’t be afraid to use textures such as jeans, lace, scarves, etc. Avoid large logos, profanity and colors that will blend in with the background
  2. Wear something that you are comfortable in and shows your personality.  If you never wear a suit and feel uncomfortable in one, don’t wear that in a portrait session as it will not only make you uneasy at the session but your personality won’t shine through either. You will be tense and it won’t reflect who you really are many years down the road when you look back on that time in your life.  Ladies, wear what makes you feel beautiful whether that is a dress or something more down to earth like jeans and a nice sweater. Of course dress for the weather so you are not only hot or cold but because you want the outfit to match the surrounding be it the mountains, beach, restaurant, etc.  In the back of your mind consider the colors of your home because you don’t want to have a beautiful piece of art on the wall that clashes with your decor (e.g. wearing a lot of red when your walls are purple).  Choose clothing that fits so it doesn’t look baggy making you look heavy or something so tight it shows every roll.  You want it flattering.  Make sure they are ironed and don’t look like they were pulled from the hamper. LOL
  3. Let your session reflect who you are.  If you enjoy the wilderness consider a location in the mountains or on a lake.  If you are a family that spends most of your free time at the beach consider a location around sand and water or even on a sailboat.  If you want to incorporate props (minimally) consider instruments if you have a musical family, a soccer ball or baseball mitt if you play sports together.  Imagine a small game being played where you are not worried about the camera but just have fun laughing and getting some action shots.
  4. Think about diversity and how you can plan for a few different looks.  You could have jeans and boots with a nice casual jacket but then change to a more rugged look simply by taking off the jacket and putting on a different shirt.  Ladies you could have some with a country dress on a farm and then change into jeans, boots and a cowboy hat.  Layers add dimension and depth (e.g. a scarf, a cardigan, different jewelry, hats, belts etc. can all change a look).  It’s all about what makes you feel amazing.
  5. Show off your assets.  If you have great legs show them off in a dress if you are comfortable in one.  If you are uncomfortable with your weight don’t wear white pants or items too tight.
  6. You are usually safe with light colors to invoke a dreamy photo or bright colors to add pop but stay away from neon. Primary colors are always a good choice.  Stay away from a lot of green if your portraits will be done in the forest or around a lot of grass.
  7. When considering shoes choose something that will coordinate with the location of your session.  If you are in the forest for example, don’t wear high heels.  If there will be a lot of walking, bring some flats to wear until you’ve arrived at the photo location.  Keep in mind that the wrong shoes can be very distracting in a photo and can break the flow and feel you are trying to convey (having a great outfit with shoes that totally clash, tennis shoes that have mud all over them, flip flops or crocs).
  8. One exception to color coordination would be for the day in the life sessions.  Because these sessions are usually at home I ask them to wear what they would normally wear around the house.  If the kids like to run around in pajamas or they like to dress up go for it.

I hope this helps and look forward to photographing your family.

Favorite Photos from 2015

It’s been fun going through our favorite photos from 2015.  During the year I met a lot of great people and their dogs and photographed many events.  Thank you to each and every client that trusted me to capture your special moments.  Click a photo to see the full size photos in the gallery.